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Qu Biologics engages in social media for the purpose of sharing educational information, events, new research and charitable fundraising activities in support of the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) community. From time to time, Qu Biologics will also share clinical trial information and updates, and company news and materials on our social media channels.

Qu Biologics’ clinical trials may be designed to incorporate blinding methods such as placebo-controls in order to reduce or eliminate biases or expectations of treatment effect by the participant and study nurse/doctor. An important aspect of this is to preserve the ‘blinded’ nature of whether study participants are on placebo or treatment.

While we recognize that social media provides a platform for participants to share their personal stories of their study experience, we are bound by and also respect the regulatory requirements to ensure the integrity of the data of our clinical trials. Qu Biologics does not endorse the sharing of clinical trial participant experiences through social media that would compromise the integrity of the data.